Do I need a construction background?

Basic carpentry skills will make the job go easier, however, our kits are designed to fit together easily and accurately and much of the prep work is done before it ever shows up. So it takes minimal skills to assemble the shed kit.

Do I need someone to help me build the shed?

We do recommend that two people work together. It will go more smoothly if you have a friend to help by holding the tape measure and handing you parts and tools, especially once on the roof. However, the largest items are the kit are the 4 ft. wall sections, and they can easily be handled by 1 person.

Do I need to use a special paint on the Smartside siding?

The siding is shipped already primed and any exterior latex paint can be used.

What if I mess up?

Give us a call! Phone support 5 days a week, 330-359-5708, 800-359-7522 or send us an email.

Do you have online support?

No, but please call us, 330-359-5708, 800-359-7522 or send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Do you offer construction assistance?

We will be happy to answer your product and construction questions over the phone or via email. If you would like to hire someone to assemble your EZ-fit Shed kit, you can contact a local handyman or carpenter for assistance.

Why aren’t shingles included in the kit?

Due to the weight of shingles, it is more cost-effective to have the customer purchase them locally instead of shipping them.

Why isn’t the floor included in the kit?

Not everyone wants or needs a floor for his shed. Some may have a cement slab already in place. Therefore, we offer the floor kit as an option.

Do I need any permits to build my shed?

This will vary by location. Please check with your local zoning department for information on permits.