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EZ Fit Shed's Sizing Diagram


Heritage - Overall Sizes

EZ Fit Heritage Shed Height

Heritage Shed Size and Heights





Riverside - Overall Sizes

EZ Fit Riverside Shed HeightRiverside Shed Size and Heights





Homestead - Overall Sizes

EZ Fit Homestead Shed HeightHomestead Shed Size and Heights







Chicken Coops - Overall Height

Measurements include optional ez-skid runners installed.

EZ Fit Chicken Coop Height 5x8': 95" Tall
EZ Fit Chicken Coop Height4x6': 82" Tall
EZ Fit Chicken Coop Height3x4' 72" Tall
EZ Fit Mini Chicken Coop HeightMini Coop: 42" Tall








Playhouses - Overall Height

EZ Fit Playhouse Height 8x12': 9'4" Tall
EZ Fit Playhouse Height8x10': 9'4" Tall
EZ Fit Playhouse Height6x12': 9'4" Tall
EZ Fit Playhouse Height6x10': 9'4" Tall
EZ Fit Playhouse Height6x8': 8'4" Tall
sm-playhouse.jpg6x6': 8'4" Tall















Dog Kennels- Overall Height

EZ Fit Dog Kennel Height 6x10': 8'9" Tall
EZ Fit Dog Kennel Height5x8': 7' Tall
EZ Fit Dog Kennel Height4x7' 5'10" Tall

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