EZ Fit standard shed features
Shutters -

Shutters add an element of dimension to your structure and come standard with your shed kit.

Lock & Key -

Our locksets are made right here in the U.S.A, feature a heavy duty locking mechanism and a durable electro-coated black paint. Each lockset includes a decorative plate.

Decorative Hinges -

12" Decorative T-Hinge with Bushings are standard on all EZ Fit Shed Kits

Double Top Plate -

A Double top plate creates an incredibly stiff wall and a very strong corner where the top plates overlap at the ends.

The Horizontal Nailer Advantage -

• Stronger Walls • Straigher Walls
• Increased Nailing Surface • Standard On All Hight-Sidewalls
Using computerized components saws, each individual wall stud is cut with a specialized notch. We then install our 2x3" Strongback Nailer, creating a straighter, stronger wall and providing increased nailing surface for our siding panels.

Fascia Trim -

The trim serves an aesthetic purpose by providing a contrast to the color of the siding, while protecting the fascia board from exposure to the elements.

Standard Door -

The standard 60" door allows for easy access. Add an optional ramp for easy retrieval of your lawn & garden equipment.




All EZ-fit Sheds are ready to assemble and solidly constructed with quality craftsmanship.

Watch the assembly video

EZ-fit Shed kits include:

  • Panelized wall sections with horizontal nailer and 24" oc wall studs
  • Rafters, roof sheathing, pre-hung doors, trim, door hardware, fasteners
  • Windows and shutters (in buildings that include windows)