customized shed

From site preparation to a finished barn in a couple of "EZ" steps

Your shed kit contains valuable instructions on how to build it when it arrives. But what do you need to know ahead of time? Here you’ll find resources on how to prep your site, what to expect when your shed is delivered, and which materials are needed to assemble it.

Step 1: Site Prep

A level site is the most important step when it comes to preparing for your build. Your building will only be as level as the site it sits on. For this process to go smoothly, have the site fully prepared before the shed kit arrives.

shed raised to level ground

How to Prep Your Site

For Level GroundFor Sloped Ground
Mark off your area. The base should be 12” wider than the shed on all four sides. Place treated 4x4s horizontally within the shed footprint. Space them approximately every 6 feet.
Remove 3 to 4 inches of sod from the area you marked off. Raise the horizontal 4x4s by digging vertical 4x4s on high sides or concrete blocks on low sides.
Fill the area with no. 8 or no. 57 limestone. Make sure all the 4x4s are level so that the platform for the shed is level.
Spread the limestone and make sure it is level.  

Note: The Customer is responsible for all building permits according to local zoning requirements.

Step 2: Delivery

The carrier will deliver your EZ-fit Shed kit to your location. Plan to have at least two people at the delivery site to manually open the package and unload the kit pieces from the back of the truck.

Shipping shed kit

Step 3: Assembly

Our shed kits come in panelized sections for easy assembly. The siding is primed and ready for you to add your finish. Make sure you have your site prepped and the materials you’ll need so that you can get started when it arrives!

base of shed

Here’s what you will need to have on-hand:

roof icon

roof materials
(shingles or metal sheeting)

paint icon

exterior paint

floor icon

floor materials
(if you did not purchase the optional floor kit)

measuring tape icon

tape measure

drill icon

drill & #2 square drive bit

ladder icon

step ladder

ruler icon

speed square

level icon


chalk line icon

chalk line

hammer icon