Watch a video overview of EZ-fit Shed assembly.


Tools you need to assemble EZ Fit Shed Kit


Please read these instructions carefully before receiving or unpacking your EZ-fit Shed Kit and beginning any construction. 

• Full instructions are included with your shed.

• A level site is the most important step in preparation for a storage building!

• The building will only be as level as the site is.

• It is much easier to prepare a level site before your building is there, rather than trying to make changes afterwards.

 • See below for site preparation details.





Recommended Site Preparation

Recommended Site Preparation Recommended Site Preparation 


  1. Base should be 12 in. larger than building on all four sides.
  2. Remove 3 to 4 inches of sod.
  3. Fill back in with No. 8 or No. 57 limestone.
  4. Make sure entire area of limestone is level.
Recommended Site Preparation Recommended Site Preparation
  1. Place treated 4 x 4s cross ways within shed footprint approximately every 6 feet.
  2. Dig treated 4 x4 s into ground on high side.
  3. Put concrete blocks under treated 4 x 4s on low side (if needed).
NOTE: All treated 4 x 4s must be level and the same height. The Customer 
is responsible for all building permits according to local zoning requirements.

EZ-Fit Kit: Customer Assembly Photos

Customer Assembled Shed Customer Assembled Shed step-3.jpg Customer Assembled Shed Customer Assembled Shed

These photos were sent to us by one of our many satisfied customers. From site preparation to a finished barn in a couple "EZ" steps.